Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Waking up.
Not too sure where the hell I am, but this time, Its not a brief stop. I`m guessing we`re in Còrdoba. Shocked, I put on my shoes (it`s not allowed to take of your shoes in buses around Argentina), check again that I didn`t forget any thing on the bus and climb down (the bus is 2 stories high).
Just of the bus, and I recognise a short lady, looking at me and testing my moves. I do the same. Then a two sided smile, the unneeded question ''Lily?'', ''si, Bèbe said you`d look like Jesus''.
Lily and Tito`s House is a warm and welcoming one. The walls are filled with memories. Ether family pictures from all around the world, or souvenirs completing the picture. They even have all of their spoons collection hanged up, dad! ;-)
Lily shown me to my room, and we went out for a night tour around the city.
Còrdoba`s main plaza is all lite. The view of all the main buildings surrounding it is so beautiful. Music was playing in the main square of the plaza, and so we got closer. couples were dancing Tango to the sound of the music and the moon light.
After the tour, we went to eat at the restaurant* partly owned by the fiance of Vero (Veronica, Lily & Tito`s Daughter). Had good Empanadas, and a new dish (for me) called Locro. It reminded me of a Jewish dish called Jamin/Chulnt - it was great. In the restaurant I was introduced to Batia. A nice 25 years old Israeli waitress, studying Physiotherapy in Còrdoba and wanting to go home very badly. The Idea was that she would translate for me. BUT I UNDERSTAND SPANISH!
After a good sleep, I woke up to a Sunday. Lily said she and I could go around town with the car. She showed me around and finished the tour in a restaurant* (all you can weigh buffet), with all of Tito`s relatives. They loved me so much, after a long lunch, we went out for coffee* (Lily, Tito`s nephew, his girlfriend & I). After the nice coffee, Lily and I went to see Nache. (had another coffee* with him. After saying goodbye to Nache, Lily drove by Vero`s house, she happened to be outside, and we went inside her apartment, this time for a glass of water. It was very nice to meet new family members and see that it doesn`t matter if met already or not, we are all Menis.
The next morning I took a 2 hour bus ride to the town called Villa General Belgrano. It`s a nice Touristic, German town close to the mountains of Còrdoba. From there I took another bus to La Cumbrecita. Another Touristic town, Swiss, but this time Inside the mountains. I just had to find my way through the houses, and I was next to a beautiful untouched Laguna. Going back to town, and out again, and I was facing a waterfall. In & out again, and I was on the mountains above the town. I had so much fun, I was just pissed of at the ''Unusefull'' (AKA my Lonely Planet) for not saying anything about this places.
For a very late lunch (there were no Empanadas in Villa General Belgrano), I ate a Cazuela de Ciervo (deer stew). Wow, that`s all.
Along ride back, and I was back just in time to say thanks for the lovely dinner Lily cooked (I don`t know how it all got in to my belly)
Another day, and this time, to the north countryside of Còrdoba. La Cumbre is a nice, quite little town just on the mountainside of the Andes. I could not find the right trail, so I improvised. I went up to see the Christ on the hill. went back down. and returned to Còrdoba.
It was a great trip, but would have been better with more time.
Slept another night with the family, Thanking A LOT, and took a bus the next day to Puerto Iguazu.

*I was not allowed to pay.

Tips For Còrdoba:
1. Sleep with family - Its cheep, and mine just happened to be nice.
2. La Cumbrecita - Plan time for it, there are a lot more places to see, I didn`t have the time.
3. La Cumbre - See La Cumbrecita.

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