Books Gents, Books!

Books! The smell of a newly bought one, the smell of a falling apart old one. I love them all.
True, there were long terms of my life in which I haven't had the time nor the urge of taking one in my hands and putting myself to the free hands of the writer to take me to he own tale of wonders.
But this trip was different. I found myself running and looking for more books to read, and more authors to admire. During a trip so long one can't take enough books with him that would last the whole time, and so hostels and friends along the way withhold your reading options.
Feeling so eager to read, I maid a rule with myself that any book I'm offered is good for me, except for ones I've already read.
Having a system of 2 books, one in reading process, the other (if read already) good for exchange, so far, there were little times in which I was stuck without anything to read.

This is the list of books I've read during this trip and the rate (1-5 stars) I gave them in my opinion:

1. The End of Mr. Y / Scarlett Thomas - *** (good thriller, not too good a plot)
2. The Partner / John Grisham - *** (good thriller)
3. A Pigeon and a Boy / Meir Shalev - **** (made me cry, very Israeli)
4. Love in the Time of Cholera / Gabriel García Márquez - *** (good to read before traveling the Amazon, Latin-long descriptions)
5. Jungle (Back From Tuyichi) / Yossi Ghinsber - **** (couldn't put the book down! great to read on any river-trek in Bolivia)
6. Bleachers / John Grisham - * (good thing I like American Football otherwise I would throw this book to hell. I prefer his law stories)
7. The Exodus Quest / Will Adams
 - * (really badly written thriller. similar to Don Brown but trying to much)
8. To Be / Yoav Avni - ***** (Amazing! I just love this author)
9. Water for Elephants / Sara Gruen - **** (Makes you want to see the circus, and then again - maybe not)
10. The Story of Eve Gottlieb / Miriam Schwartz - *** (really old Israeli book, hard to read language, and even so - I liked it)
11. Friendly Fire A Duet / A.B. Yehoshuà - *** (Brought me back to Africa and to the same time)
12. El Misterio De La Cripta Embrujada / Eduardo Mendoza - ** (weird, but I can understand people liking these kinds of story-lines)
13. The Day The Music Died / Ofir Touche Gafla - *** (hard to love at first, but the music is good)
14. World Cup Wishes / Eshkol Nevo -  ***** (made me think about the best friendship in my life)

In Progress:
- Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands / Jorge Amado

In my bag:
- War of the Worlds / H.G. Wells
- Russian Roman / Meir Shalev