Israeli Travelers

After a 3 year military service, Israelis travel the world - they have to. Demographics say that at all times, there are about 200,000 young Israelis out side of the borders of Israel. That means - The East (India, Thailand, China, Laos, Vietnam..), Australia & NZ, Africa, Europe, The Silk Road, USA, Central-America and South. We, literally, are everywhere.
Deciding where I want my ``Big Trip`` to be I had a lot of options. I knew I wanted it long (cross out Australia & NZ), and I knew I liked Trekking. Knowing that everything I see is going to amaze me - I made the final decision by adding a ``rout`` trip to my grandmother`s village in Argentina as a major upside of choosing South America.
I also knew, I`d want this trip to be as long as possible - and for that I saved every penny for 8 months more or less. I lived in a tent in the national park I worked in, and didn`t really see ``real`` life for a long time.
Some Israeli's make their decision thinking what they want to get out of their trip - and some, just follow the stream. The stream is hard and strong. That`s why - any backpacker in South America, can notice the common ``Big Israeli Group``. They travel in 4+ people usually around the 8. They walk in the middle of the street like they own it, and will not move for a troubled local. They speak load - and in Hebrew. One of them always has a Joint. If in a hostel - it will be one recommended in the famous ``Gringo`` website. And last - they will always ask me - what did you do so long in Huaraz (or any other place I`ve been for over a week..) what`s to do here? and not because they`re interested in any useful information.
For me, South America is the continent of opportunities. You get to see so many different landscapes with such big spaces! Flat areas 5 times the size of Israel! Mountains 3 times the height of the Hermon. Exotic animals I thought exist just in fairy-tales!
Still, the Common Israeli will not try to get out of the box, and usually - will not reach half of this continent`s touristic areas (which are known to the world - but somehow did not reach the Israeli ears).
Because of the above - all along my trip I tried to stay away from Israeli areas - it`s not as simple as it sounds... In my last stop, Huaraz, was the first time after 7 months that I did not have any choice. Huaraz is so small, that no matter what hostel you choose, you`re most likely to be with Israelis. From some of them - I was really shocked! These guys don`t even know why they`re here! A person arriving to Huaraz not knowing it`s the capital of trekking - has an info-problem. I was also asked at least 10 times by different people - ``how can I get some...`` drugs I mean. I was shocked.
Don`t get me wrong, I love my country, and I love Israelis. It`s the young and stupid that travel around I dislike.
I still have hope that there are some Israelis that travel the world and leave a good impression for all of us. We all really need it these days.