A Hammer For Everyone

Eyes, ears, mouth, hands, senses - communication. That´s what it´s all about. The first word of a baby is one of his major steps of evolving into a pro-communicator in the big world. Every human on the planet knows at least one language, and all would like to understand all. Knowing more then one language gives you the power to watch foreign movies, read foreign books/magazines, and saving the best for last - travel to other countries. If you were born an English/French/Spanish speaking person, you can do so in a lot of countries just with your mother tongue, but a second language still comes in handy.
During my trip, I met so many people, from so many countries around the world, and this are just some of the languages they were speaking back home: English, Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Italian...
Every time I met a new language - I was truly amazed of how unique it is. I was thinking right away about if I would like to speak it one day - or maybe - I´ll prefer another over it.
I think, knowing the local language is the most powerful thing a traveller could have. Now, reaching the end of my journey, I entered Brazil. After being able to approach every person on the streets of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia or Argentina with no fear - I´ve entered the unbearable life of a mute. It has become impossible for me to do the simple task of asking where the bathroom is, or where my bus is at!
As this is my journal, I am now challenging my self to knowing how to speak as many languages as possible, starting by improving the existing English, Spanish & Arabic. The next on the list being Chinese. Why Chinese, you ask? Because if it wouldn´t be hard, it wouldn´t be a challenge. Second thing is that it gives me the record of speaking 5 different languages of 4 different origins.
For now, I find myself collecting Hammers of as many different languages as possible. The rule is that I have to meet the guy speaking the language in person. Checking the dictionary doesn´t count.

Good luck.